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Guria Youth Resource Center established on June 5, 2002.

Since 2002 it has accomplished more then thirty succesful projects funded by international donor agencies...

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Forum Theater Performance on Radicalization and Extremism

Last week Guria Region villages Shroma, Nasakirali, Laituri, Naruja and Zoti hosted forum theatre performance “Who is to be blamed?” which covered the topics of radicalization and exremism. It talks about the challenges in the communities in regards to the topic. High school students, parents and teachers attended each event in each community.

The performance was developed within the framework of the project “Partnership for peacerful communities” implemented by Guria Youth Resource Center under the financial support of Gergian Center for Strategy and Development. The goal of the project is to support peacebuilding, mutual understanding and cooperation in the villages settled by Muslim and Christian Communities of Guria Region.

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